Timo Reusch

Who I Am About Me

Hey! I'm Timo,

a 0-year old Software Developer, with a passion for web development, UI/UX, and mobile solutions.

Over the past few years, I've gained extensive experience in web development, working with a variety of technologies and frameworks, especially Svelte. Lately, mobile solutions have sparked my interest, so I'm actively working on native, as well as cross-platform applications with Swift, Flutter and Compose Multiplatform.
Besides that, I'm passionate about good UI/UX, having an eye for user-friendly and visually appealing designs.

Based in: Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany
Experience: 0 years

What I Work With Tech Stack



Frameworks & Tools


Worked with before

I don't use these on a daily basis, but from time to time:

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure

I haven't used those in a while now, but worked with them in the past:

Azure DevOps

Experience Resumé

  • Julius-Maximilians-Universiät Würzburg - Chair of computer science X (Data Science)

    Sept. 2022 - now
    • Student Research Assistant, Anomaly Detection

      Sept. 2023 - now

    • Software Developer

      Sept. 2022 - Sept. 2023

      Creating a web-application (FastAPI, SvelteKit) experts can use to annotate selected data points of a dataset without having any knowledge in machine learning at all. This involves a user- and role-management, as well as a highly customizable interface for the annotation process.

  • bb-net media GmbH

    Jan. 2020 - Sept. 2022
    • Project Manager / Software Developer

      June 2021 - Sept. 2022

      bb-net uses their own software called "SAM" to automate big parts of the refurbishment process. SAM carries out all partial processing steps automatically and gives the employee special guidance through the whole process. The software started as a small script that grew a lot over time, which now results in issues in terms of scaling and complexity, why EOL is expected in the next few years.
      My job was to plan and carry out the re-development of the whole architecture. This involved migrating the whole codebase from VBS to Java, redesigning the relational database and planning a highly scalable server infrastructure based on Spring Boot.
      I was responsible for the project management and also coded along, working with various web technologies, Swift and of course Java.

    • Software Developer

      Jan. 2020 - June 2021

      Working with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) on the company's own ERP system and online shop, where I developed a few new features (like the creation of 360° images and their display in the online shop).
      Furthermore, I gave various outdated web-frontends a fresh coat of paint, which included a mobile-first approach, complete redesign and SEO.

  • SAP SE

    Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2019
    • Software Developer @ Next Level IT Labs & Experiences

      Jan. 2019 - Sep. 2019

      I worked at the SAP IT division, which takes care of the internal IT of the company. There I joined a project called "SAP IT Showroom" within the "Next Level IT Lab and Experiences" subdivision.
      Next Level IT Lab is building IT Showrooms at SAP Locations worldwide, to showcase how SAP is transforming into an intelligent enterprise with a future workplace. Within the Showrooms, visitors can discover products and tools from SAP, understand technologies and their impact on daily work and leverage tools and technologies to increase productivity.

      Have a closer look at the showroom

      During my time there, we planned and opened the first ever IT Showroom at the headquarters in Walldorf.
      Before the opening, I was involved in creating the frontend for the Stations, using Angular. After the opening, I supported the daily showroom business, which included answering technical questions of our colleagues, fixing bugs, documenting best practices, coordination with the partially external showroom staff and giving tours for the main showroom, as well as the VR/AR-Showroom.
      My main project however became the creation of an e-learning solution to train tour guides for the Showroom, which is globally used by today.

    • Project lead: Imagefilm @ VT

      Jan. 2019 - Sept. 2019

      As a team of students, we created a concept for a new VT commercial and produced it. The end result can be watched on YouTube and sap.de/ausbildung

    • Corporate Student

      Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2019

      While being employed at SAPs headquarters in Walldorf, Germany as a corporate student, I attended classes at the Corporate State University Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim (Business Informatics focused on Sales & Consulting, B.Sc.), worked at a division (SAP IT) and took part in the following projects for the VT-Department:
      - Realizing an Android app (Java) concept & prototype for accessing SAP facilities with your smartphone during a hackathon
      - Content creation for SAPs social media channels
      - Attending various trainings for project management, agile software development, User Experience & UI-Design, ABAP-Development, Web-Development, Fiori

Education Resumé